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How To Deal With Various Types Of Troublesome PhD Supervisor

Is your PhD supervisor very difficult person to deal with? Do you feel that you are often ignored by the supervisor? Does it occur to you that every piece of draft produced by you for the PhD Thesis is always frowned upon for trivial reasons? Does the supervisor end up making you feel stupid in…
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PhD Viva - How to-ride this storm-confidently - BookMyPhDEditor

PhD Viva : How To Ride Out This Storm Confidently

If you are reading this article, it means that you may already have submitted your PhD Thesis and are now waiting to be thoroughly grilled by a viva voce (often shortened to ‘viva’), which happens to be an oral examination conducted by a panel of examiners at the university. Often do we find some students…
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What You Should Do In Your First Week Of PhD

Are you about to embark on your PhD journey sometime soon? Are you feeling clueless as to what you will be doing over the first week of PhD at your university? Do you wish to be better prepared than your peers so as to be in control of your PhD research right from the very…
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