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Are you often worried that your PhD thesis drafts will be returned by your PhD supervisor for major revisions due to issues related to related to language, syntax, flow, diction, clarity, phrasing, transition and scholarly tone? Do you need help with addressing your supervisor’s feedback on any specific chapter of your phd thesis?

We are THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR PHD-DEDICATED EDITORS, and we will edit your PhD Thesis chapters to the highest academic standards. 

PhD Thesis Editing Service

Writing a PhD thesis can be extremely intimidating, especially when English is not your first language and you are fairly new to the process of academic writing. Whether it is refining the research question/s or conducting a critical literature review or developing an appropriate research design or analysing the primary data using appropriate software package/s or discussing the results in the context of the research question, you’re likely going to struggle with it all. Believe it or not, it takes years of learning and practice to become an adept academic writer. Hence, in order to deal with issues related to style, organization, word choice, concision and clarity, and address complex revision requests from your PhD supervisor/s, you will definitely need help from someone who is specialised in your subject area. This is where we step in.

Our elite academic team comprising of native English-speaking faculty members can help you edit your PhD thesis or dissertation in the following ways:


Copy Editing

In addition to proofreading and basic style formatting, our copy editing service offers improvements to language, syntax, flow, diction and clarity of your PhD thesis. You can use it for a well-written PhD thesis that requires minimal changes and is probably 1-2 drafts away from its final version.




Line Editing

Mostly used for rough PhD thesis drafts, our line editing service offers enhanced phrasing, transition and scholarly tone in addition to everything that is covered in ‘Copy-editing’ service.




Heavy Developmental Editing

Ideal for doctoral students whose first language is not English, this type of editing service provides a great deal of assistance with:

  • Organising and structuring arguments
  • Addressing the supervisor’s feedback
  • Rephrasing and reformulating sentences and paragraphs for coherence, clarity and scholarly tone



Our Unique Advantage

When you place your order with us, you get exclusive access to our elite academic team that comprises of only

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What to expect when you place an order to have your phd thesis chapter/s edited by us?

Your PhD thesis chapter/s will be:


Meticulously edited to the highest PhD standards by a native English-speaking faculty member (i.e. a university senior lecturer or a professor) with specialisation in your field of study


Matched to the initial brief or instructions meticulously


Delivered on or before the agreed deadline


Kept strictly private and confidential


Amended for free (please check out our amendment rules)

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Elite Academic Team

Our elite academic team comprises of hand-picked native English-speaking PhDs with years of experience supervising and teaching graduate students at reputed universities across the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. Hence, we are the first choice for any PhD student looking for top-quality academic editing, proofreading and data analysis services.

Unmatched Privacy

We understand how important privacy is to you. Hence, we take all the necessary measures to keep your interests protected at all times. For example, never do we disclose any information or detail of your order to any third party. Please feel free to check out our detailed Privacy Policy to understand why our clients feel safe when dealing with us.

On-time Delivery

We understand that deadlines matter to you as much as the quality of any PhD document. Hence, we always make sure that we deliver the duly completed work to you on or before the agreed deadline. Due to the limited availability of our academic team members, we only accept a limited amount of work at any given point in time. So, you can count on us for timely delivery at all times.

Unparalleled Quality

Quality of our work is unquestionably the best in the market. One of our native faculty members with a PhD degree and expertise in your discipline will always ensure that the final draft meets your specific academic requirements in a meticulous manner and that it is always free from issues related to grammar, syntax, referencing, repetition and formatting.

Money-back Guarantee

You will simply love the way we work on your order and produce a draft that meets all your instructions in a meticulous manner. In case you do not, we will seek your constructive feedback and amend the draft in line with the same for free (if we made a mistake). If you still feel that we missed out on any instruction of yours, we will give you a refund.

Thought Leadership

From time-to-time, we publish free academic articles, tips and resources via our academic blog to help PhD students improve their academic writing skill. Such a practice has helped us become a thought leader in academic writing over a period of time. So, read through our quality content and you will know why you should do business with us.

Your order will always be



From our clients

“My advisor sent me the literature review chapter for revision, and the major concern in my draft was related to critical reading. Being new to the academic world, I had little idea about how to fix this issue.

One of my friends referred me to Bookmyphdeditor.com and I cannot thank him enough for the same. I opted in for their heavy developmental editing service and the senior lecturer, who was assigned the task, did a wonderful job by reviewing the references in a critical manner. Thank you so much for helping me out of this problem.”


PhD Student, The University of Arizona

“After submitting the literature review draft to my supervisor for feedback, I got asked to correct errors related to unclear research gap, unclear research questions, plagiarism and grammar.

I was trying to figure out how to best address the expectations of my supervisor and then I learnt about bookmyphdeditor.com through one of my contacts on Twitter.

At first, I was surprised to look at their expensive price plan. However, this organisation provided value for every penny I spent using its heavy developmental editing service.”


PhD Student, Monash University