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We help you communicate your research ideas clearly and effectively by offering high-quality academic editing, proofreading and data analysis services, thereby enabling you to reach your academic and professional goals in a timely and hassle-free manner. Learn more about our services in the space given below:


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When you place your order with us, you get exclusive access to our elite academic team that comprises of only

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reputed North American, British and Australian Universities.

PhD Data Analysis Service

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and avoid major corrections to your PhD Thesis later on.



PhD Proofreading Service

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before you finally submit your PhD Thesis.



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Since our inception, we have completed close to 12000 editing, proofreading and data analysis projects in top quality, and as a result, helped over 6300 PhD students (majority of them being non-native speakers of English) graduate with flying colours.

Our continued success and popularity over the years could primarily be attributed to the invaluable efforts put in by our highly educated and experienced PhD editor team that consists of only native English-speaking faculty members (i.e. Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Professors and Department Chairs) from the reputed North American, British and Australian universities.

Needless to say what the quality of the final draft will be like when your order is worked on by a native English-speaking faculty member with a PhD degree and expertise in your subject area. Yes, you got it right! It will simply be impeccable.

Despite being expensive, the academic services offered by our exclusive academic PhD editor team are always in high demand. So, please feel free to contact us regarding your academic editing, proofreading and data analysis needs if are a PhD student who is a non-native English speaker and who does not mind paying a premium for top-quality academic work.

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When it comes to PhD-dedicated editing, proofreading and data analysis services, we simply stand out in the crowd due to the numerous advantages we have over our competitors. Please feel free to check out the top 6 reasons as to why our existing clients love doing business with us over and over.

Elite Academic Team

Our elite academic team comprises of hand-picked native English-speaking PhDs with years of experience supervising and teaching graduate students at reputed universities across the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. Hence, we are the first choice for any PhD student looking for top-quality academic editing, proofreading and data analysis services.

Unmatched Privacy

We understand how important privacy is to you. Hence, we take all the necessary measures to keep your interests protected at all times. For example, never do we disclose any information or detail of your order to any third party. Please feel free to check out our detailed Privacy Policy to understand why our clients feel safe when dealing with us.

On-time Delivery

We understand that deadlines matter to you as much as the quality of any PhD document. Hence, we always make sure that we deliver the duly completed work to you on or before the agreed deadline. Due to the limited availability of our academic team members, we only accept a limited amount of work at any given point in time. So, you can count on us for timely delivery at all times.

Unparalleled Quality

Quality of our work is unquestionably the best in the market. One of our native faculty members with a PhD degree and expertise in your discipline will always ensure that the final draft meets your specific academic requirements in a meticulous manner and that it is always free from issues related to grammar, syntax, referencing, repetition and formatting.

Fair Amendment Policy

When working on your research paper, we try our level best to adhere to all of your instructions in a meticulous manner. If it turns out later that any of the originally shared instructions of yours was missed out completely or addressed inadequately, we will go ahead and amend the draft in line with your feedback for free.

Thought Leadership

From time-to-time, we publish free academic articles, tips and resources via our academic blog to help PhD students improve their academic writing skill. Such a practice has helped us become a thought leader in academic writing over a period of time. So, read through our quality content and you will know why you should do business with us.

Your order will always be



Our Portfolio

Please feel free to check out a few samples of the wide variety of work we have undertaken for a number of PhD students in the past and make a decision if we are worth doing business with.

Editing Sample - Admissions Essay

This essay formed a part of an application to a UK-based business school. The client, while possessing a great deal of knowledge, was a non-native English speaker, and requested that his essay be revised for technical issues, fluency, clarity, and tone. The revisions were extensive and satisfactory to the client in the end.

Copy Editing Sample - PhD Thesis

We were asked to proofread and polish this PhD thesis shortly before it was submitted. In accordance with the client’s request, one of our senior lecturers proofread the document in addition to providing light editing (for style and tone in the form of commented suggestions). The client was apparently very happy with the results. The attached file includes only the abstract of the thesis.

Line Editing Sample - Academic Publication

The client had a completed article manuscript which was already accepted for publication in an academic journal. One of our professors edited the piece line by line, adhering to the author’s voice yet clarifying points, fleshing out arguments, and correcting grammar and punctuation.

Proofreading Sample - PhD Thesis

We were consulted by the client to proofread his PhD thesis before final submission. One of the respected associate professors from our academic team proofread the whole document for grammar, syntax, repetition and spelling, as well as formatted it to comply with specific dissertation guidelines. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome.

PhD Data Analysis Sample - Thematic Analysis

This client placed an order to get 3 documents analysed in line with the Braun and Clarke’s (2006) thematic analysis framework. Thereafter, a UK-university professor from our academic team analysed the documents thoroughly and came up with initial codes that were later developed into 3 major themes. The client was extremely pleased with the final report.

Editing Sample - Peer Review

We were asked to provide a standard peer review for this article submitted to Language Sciences. The article was revised according to the recommendations of a senior lecturer and published shortly thereafter.

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“I am a big fan of bookmyphdeditor.com. Thank you for editing my CV, Essay and Research Proposal in a perfect manner. I am glad that I am a PhD student now with the help of the respected professor.”


PhD Student, The University of Manchester

I am not very good with SPSS. The experts at bookmyphdeditor.com were fantastic. Because of their excellent data analysis , the ’Discussion’ chapter of my PhD Thesis looks just perfect. Would use their services again for sure!


PhD Student, Monash University

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